Coffee-Inspired Confusion

We blame it on the coffee. Some people might called our personalities flawed, but after a few cups of Joe, we don’t care. “We” are two normal, coffee addicts. We live life, but only through the fog of a few fog-lifters. We are women, so our posts might be a little erratic (if you’re reading this, you’re probably on the same hormonal page, so no worries). We love what we do-or we would if we could only remember what we did. Most of our days are a blurred rerun of flashing colors disbursed between cups of (you guessed it) coffee. The most popular and our only drug of choice will be a frequent and familiar friend in our posts as we wax eloquent with the everyday tirade. So sit back and enjoy the inner warmth of our words as the steam from your cup warms you on the outside. Just kidding, we are not that nice.