Do or do-nut

Kelli says:

If coffee had a bestie, it would be the doughnut. “The” doughnut is to be savored; it is to be treated as a precious thing. Think Lord of the Rings precious (I know I do whenever someone mentions that word). Now, maybe you’re with my mom, Ann, on the whole doughnuts shouldn’t be sweet idea. I wholehearted disagree with that. I have summoned every fiber in my diabetic cells to revolt against a sugar-less doughnut. Aren’t you just eating a tire-shaped roll? They have padded cells for people who don’t like sweet doughnuts, and while you slip on the straight jacket, I’ll be eating my chocolate and sprinkled-covered cholesterol buster. You should choose a side; wars have been fought over less.

Ann says:

I don’t have to have the Taj Mahal of doughnuts every time I eat one. Why should I load down a perfectly good cake doughnut (a.k.a. old-fashioned at the creme de la creme Dunkin’ Donuts) with frosting and sprinkles when it’s yummy just the way it is? And in spite of the name, don’t dunk your doughnuts. That’s just wrong. Even if Clark Gable did it in It Happened One Night.

Kelli says:

All I read was old-fashioned.

Ann says:

Like Casablanca was old-fashioned!

Kelli says:

Remember how moms always needs the last word? Yeah…

Ann says:

If moms need the last word, then why did you actually write the last word?

Kelli says:

“Last” would mean you wouldn’t still be writing!

Ann says:

I’m the administrator of this site, and I’m out of here. There’s a doughnut with my name on it.




Does Your Dog Love Coffee?

You know how people and their dogs sometimes look alike? I think we take on our dogs’ personalities, too. Sometimes. And yes, I’m talking about me.

Coffee is poisonous to dogs. I’ve warned my husband about this numerous times. In spite of this, he insists on letting Lovie, our red dachshund lick his coffee mug after he finishes his morning brew. She’s a darling long/short hair mini mix. Okay, she’s really a tweenie because she’s gained too much weight, but haven’t we all?

Now she’s as addicted as I am to coffee. Leave an unguarded cup in her vicinity, and she will happily finish it for you.


That’s her innocent look. It’s totally believable, isn’t it?

I had her in mind for the doggy character of Franky in my romantic mystery Bait 4 a Trap. Franky is not only heroine Maddie’s pet; he’s also her confidant.

He does have a slight coffee fetish. Maddie, the human does too, but in Bait 4 a Trap the universe seems to be determined to help her kick this addiction.

Click on the link below for a preview to this fun read.


I would have called this blog…

Pieces of my mind – but it was taken. Boy was it taken.

All the things I’ve learned – it would be a short blog.

Life’s a journey – yeah, yeah, we’re all on a journey. Tell me something I don’t know.

So we named our blog Coffee Confusion, because without the coffee there wouldn’t be any writing, or thinking, or talking…

Life is more confusing without coffee, unless I’ve had six cups, then it’s really confusing. Okay, with or without coffee it’s all confusing. But it’s better with coffee.

So while Descartes was all about “I think therefore I am,” I am more of a “I drink therefore I am.” And what I drink is coffee.

But what it all comes down to (besides coffee) is “I write, therefore I am.” In fact, I figure out what I am by writing.

So you’re welcome to join us. If you’re like me, you get jealous when you read of people drinking coffee, so grab a cup if you’re not over your limit for the day.