Camp Nanowrimo

I haven’t had the best start to Camp Nanowrimo.

Life is like that sometimes. Especially my life. I’d been planning for weeks to work on a YA novel I’ve (barely) started: working title “Beyond” during Camp.

But I wasn’t feeling it. I was feeling a murder mystery.

Not literally.

So I switched over to one I’ve already started set in Galena, Illinois. But I wasn’t feeling that one either.

So I started on a new idea. The time is the present, but one of the characters is stuck in the days of the black and white film noir. His hero is Philip Marlowe. It’s told in first person by his girl Friday.

I love film noir. Femme fatale. Men in suits and fedoras, women in dresses with jaunty hats pinned just right to complete their ensemble.

But for this novel all I have is the germ of an idea, not a fully fleshed plot, so now it’s the third day of Camp and I’ve got a whopping 35 words done. I set a goal of 1,000 words a day, so by the end of today I should have 3,000.

I think I need some inspiration. Time to turn on a Bogie and Bacall flick.




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